Friday, 13 November 2009

Audience Profiles

I believe that my target audience is a 26-50 age category, this is a wide age range who generally have a larger disposable income and who have experienced numerous Christmas times receiving and giving the same, materialistic gifts. Their friends are also of this age and would be more acceptant of a charity gift than a child would, most children would prefer toys to charity goats.

My likely gender is female, I believe that the female gender are more likely to be the gift purchasers in a family so would target my language and images to a more female market whilst ensuring I don’t eliminate the male market all together.

To have a strong interest and awareness in the issues raised in my campaign I feel my audience would be more middle and higher class audience that I would target, I believe that these classes have the disposable income for my gifts and would be more happy to donate their money to charity than lower classes who require their earnings for their own wellbeing

I would choose Fulfillers as one of my target audiences, I believe that they value their responsibilities so would feel required to help others in need. I also think that Individualists would see the uniqueness of this idea and would buy a gift to lead the way in individuality. My final main audience would be carers, their compassion for the world around them would lead them to purchasing a gift as they see the moral appeal of a gift

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